Discussion on Redshift Magnitude Bands

‘Discussion on Redshift Magnitude Bands’ by Dr. Tifft, SASTPC principal scientist.

The William Tifft Blog

Topic001 Discussion on Redshift Magnitude Bands, Bill Tifft 11/12/14

QTC really seriously began with the discovery of Redshift-Magnitude Bands
in the Coma cluster of galaxies. For light the redshift (or blueshift) is a
frequency shift seen in spectral features which can be caused several ways.
Interpreted as due to motion (a Doppler shift) it is conveniently expressed
as a velocity, V, or in dimensionless units z=V/c where c is the speed of
light. I will use both V and z for convenience only, leaving interpretation
of what really causes the shift open for discussion. The redshift is just an
observable quantity at this point of discussion, the ultimate issue here is
what really is the cosmic redshift?

The magnitude of a galaxy is just a measure of how much energy is being
emitted into space, and how far away the galaxy is. There is little doubt
about what magnitude means…

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