Topic004: Introducing Evidence Relating to Galaxy Evolution, Bill Tifft 3/01/15

The William Tifft Blog

Topic001 indicated that galaxy morphology becomes progressively later in type down the redshift-magnitude band slope toward higher redshift. Topic002 introduced crossband structures within redshift-magnitude bands and indicated that such structures appear to grow or evolve toward lower redshift. The structures appear to be regions where morphological evolution in individual galaxies may actually be investigated. The subject is introduced in section 1.1.5 of my book but could not be included within the limited space of the ASP article available within this blog. Since my book is now available (see Post002) I will continue the ASP references, but refer to the book as required to describe and illustrate findings. I added a figure leading the topical introduction in the main blog but discussion and figures in the book are needed for many topics.

To simplify discussing the QTC concept of evolution I will state the concept before presenting the evidence, which is…

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