Topic005, The Redshift Is Quantized, Bill Tifft: 3/27/15

The William Tifft Blog

I have discussed the structure of redshift-magnitude bands and the substructure of crossband regions within the bands in prior topics. As redshift quality continued to improve a still finer structure emerged. The redshift itself appeared to assume a periodic quantized pattern. The discovery diagram in the upper left frame of figure 4 in the ASP paper (my book figure 1.41) shows that the upper Coma band breaks into apparently quantized steps. A further improved and extended sample in figure 2.1 of my book includes a power spectrum inset showing a quantized periodicity near 222 km/s at power 10. By 1975 a more fundamental period at 1/3 of the longer period (72.45 km/s) was shown to permeate the entire cluster. Section 2.2 of my book provides further details related to the discovery period. Before going further I should clarify what the periodic pattern seemed to imply. If the redshift of a…

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