Topic006: Testing the Quantum Concept: Double Galaxies I, Bill Tifft 4/25/15

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In the early 1970s I began three major observational programs utilizing the 90-inch Steward Observatory telescope and image tube spectrograph. The first program was the study of the redshift utilizing the Coma cluster and related galaxy clusters. This led into my third area involving large scale structure. The second program involved a comprehensive study of a new catalog of double galaxies published by Karachentsev. The timing of beginning this general study corresponded perfectly with my discovery of redshift quantization and provided a perfect sample to test quantization and examine its properties.

The Karachentsev catalog contains 603 northern hemisphere pairs brighter than magnitude 14.5, including 324 with separations less than 80 arc seconds which allowed both components to be observed together spectroscopically using an oriented slit. Differential redshifts are much more accurate than forming differences from individual values. I collected about 500 spectra for the close pairs and a few wider…

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