The Target Asteroids! Citizen Science Program



Imagine turning a mere point of light into a real world! That is what Target Asteroids! observers do when they submit images and data to the OSIRIS-REx mission’s citizen science program. These observations allow the OSIRIS-REx science team and other planetary scientists to better understand our target, Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (PHA) (101955) Bennu, and the entire Near-Earth Object (NEO) population, too! This Professional-Amateur or “ProAm” collaboration builds on the tremendous foundations of amateur astronomy – throughout history, amateur and professional astronomers have made exciting discoveries, collaborated to learn more about the cosmos, and teamed up to provide details about the Solar System. What could be more exciting and rewarding than that (other than seeing a returned sample in hand)!?


What is Target Asteroids!?

Target Asteroids! (TA!) is a pro-am-citizen science program that engages amateur astronomers to observe particular asteroids through special campaigns by providing images and…

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