Topic007: Testing Large Scale Dynamics: Double Galaxies II, Bill Tifft 6/08/15

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Topic007: Testing Large Scale Dynamics: Double Galaxies II, Bill Tifft 6/08/15

Figure 19 from Seminar 2 Book figure 2.19

Results from the study of the Karachentsev catalog of double galaxies, other precision optical work and especially several 21-cm studies noted in Topic006, indicated that differential redshifts in pairs were quantized, quite inconsistent with conventional dynamical expectations of motion under gravity. The second study to test for dynamical motion between galaxies utilized orientation of the pairs. Widely separated doubles, governed by independent local gravitational dynamics, should show no significant correlation between their orientations. This topic introduces the subject of large scale structure and examines the orientation correlation between widely separated galaxy pairs in superclusters.

Since the Karachentsev catalog covered a large part of the sky, the pairs provided a well defined sample of a typical component of superclusters sufficient to determine the scale and form of such structures. While observing and shifting between closely spaced…

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