Topic008: Global Quantization, The Galactocentric Rest Frame, Bill Tifft 6/30/15

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Topic008: Global Quantization, The Galactocentric Rest Frame, Bill Tifft 6/30/15

Seminar 2, Figure 27 fro Redshift Key to Cosmology Book figure 2.27

The discovery of redshift quantization in clusters of galaxies, with subsequent studies of double galaxies using differential redshifts, established that the redshift appeared to occur in periodic steps near 72.5 km/s or related sub or super multiples. There was simply no detectable evidence of any conventional dynamical interaction between galaxies; there was no indication that gravity applied beyond the boundaries of individual galaxies. On the larger scale, after correction for the best available values of the motion of the sun within our galaxy, redshift patterns of cluster substructures in redshift-magnitude, morphology or activity correlations corresponded globally; especially notable was the superimposition of compact groups containing galaxies with discordant redshifts. There was no evidence for large scale inhomogeneity The obvious task to pursue was to examine how well an all-sky global pattern of redshifts themselves corresponded. This required…

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