Topic010: The Cosmological Correction, Curvature In Time, Bill Tifft, 8/15/15

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Topic010:The Cosmological Correction, Curvature In Time, Bill Tifft, 8/15/15

Formula for Topic010 Cosmological Correction

The late 1970s through early 1990s marked a period when much progress was made defining basic properties of redshift quantization and its implications. The period included recognition of the global nature of quantized redshifts, both locally (galactocentric) and cosmically (cosmocentric), recognition that the redshift was variable and rapidly evolving, that it contained both a precise quantum structure and a continuous lookback distortion, and that both of these patterns could be precisely specified. Correction for the lookback distortion is the subject of this topic, but requires that I discuss some properties of the emerging QTC cosmology first. As I discuss each of the above mentioned subjects, now writing in retrospect, I will often use information out of historical perspective to show effects. For example, Topic008 [add link] introduced the subject of galocentric global quantization. Global periodicities related to the original…

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