Topic013: Quantum Periodicity Uniqueness, Completeness, Bill Tifft, 11/15/15

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Topic013: Quantum Periodicity Uniqueness, Completeness, Bill Tifft, 11/15/15

Topic_013 Book figures 3.22 (left), 3.24 upper (right)

With the recognition of how to precisely predict redshift periodicities the underlying basis of Quantum Temporal Cosmology is essentially complete. One important task remains. How complete and unique is the periodicity pattern? Are there other decay processes and redshift patterns hidden in the known data? Three studies have been made to look for power inconsistent with the Lehto-Tifft equations. The first test looked for any power excess distributed between periods predicted by the set of ninth-root periods which are spaced by the factor1.08. Locations scaled by factors ranging from 0.95 to 1.04 in steps of 0.01, to bridge the 1.08 interval, were searched for evidence of excess power. The Virgo data set was examined in the range from 23 to 126 km/s, which includes the range of well known periods consistent with the quality and redshift…

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  1. Anthony Pitucco says:

    Hi Bill this is really one of the best so far. Very interesting results and summarizes the significance of QTC and the questions you raise are the important ones that have so far been neglected other than QTC. I’ve left some messages but under the circumstances call when you can. We all like the idea of a monthly discussion group that can grow in time!


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