Topic021: The Light Mesons and Lepton Limits, Bill Tifft, 6/02/16

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Topic021: The Light Mesons and Lepton Limits, Bill Tifft, 6/02/16

Topic_021_S4T4b Table 4, section 2 from book chapter 4

Topic_021_S4T7_meson Table 7, section 4, from book chapter 4

One of the best actions possible in support of QTP theory is to provide good answers to puzzles in existing theories. QTP, through QTC and QTPP, has been very effective in that process. QTC speaks for itself through earlier Topics, with more to come, as the terminal figure of Topic020 illustrates. The ability to predict energy level patterns which define masses, properties (such as magnetic moments) of particles, and interrelationships between classes of particles is a unique and remarkable accomplishment. The baryon class of hadrons (quark based particles) find their home in tightly defined 3-d quantum energy levels intimately tied to a 3-d 64 Planck based doubling structure. This is possible because the structure is compatible with Keplerian vector dynamics in 3-d space. Thereā€¦

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