Topic023: Where Particles Begin – and End, Bill Tifft, 7/04/16

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Topic023: Where Particles Begin – and End, Bill Tifft, 7/04/16

Topic_023_S4T4c Z W section of book chapter 4, table 4

Topic_021_LeptonFg Table of fits to the Lepton

Matter is a dynamical assembly of packets of passive energy. The 1 2 4 triad is apparently that basic package, not only a basic energy unit but a basic structural block for forming particles. The triad involves three consecutive doublings which appears to be the maximum doubling range possible within an individual structural unit. Quarks are then built upon multiples of triads, as will be shown subsequently in Topic024, to generate quarks and leptons, where the leptons represent limiting forms for quarks and both light and heavy mesons. Hadrons, mesons, bosons and baryons, are dynamical assemblies of quarks. The stable proton is, in a sense, the limiting form for baryons, but in fact is assembled from quarks, already limited.

The Zo and associated W Gauge…

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