Topic024: The Triad Structure of Quarks, Bill Tifft, 7/31/16

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Topic024: The Triad Structure of Quarks, Bill Tifft, 7/31/16

Topic_024_3Quarks 3 Quarks, acrylic on canvas, (c) Janet Tifft, used by permission

Leptons behave as essentially point particles, but hadrons (baryons, mesons and bosons) are constructed from quarks. Free quarks are not seen but hadron masses may be described as rest masses of quarks with relativistic corrections for quark motions and other factors in binding energies. Precise Lehto-Tifft energies can be predicted for redshifts, which involve massless photons, but such corrections prevent precise predictions for mass based structures. Initially quark masses were not studied since corrections for low mass quarks are very large. However, an adjunct faculty member, Jerry Long, at Pima Community College became aware of my work and suggested that there could be some relationships resembling Lehto-Tifft patterns. I included them and quickly found a dual doubling 3-d pattern involving alternate quarks. The top, charmed and down quarks are related…

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