Topic025: Kaon Decay, and the Concept of Decay, Bill Tifft, 8/31/16

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Topic025: Kaon Decay, and the Concept of Decay, Bill Tifft, 8/31/16

Topic_022_S4F11_u_l Book figure 4.11: Kaon Decay Modes

Particles exist at a specific energy `level’ for three reasons within QTP. The level must first be closely equivalent to the particle’s actual mass-energy and second the particle must be constructed as some spatially allowed dynamical structure by its substructure. These two conditions apply within both QTPP and classical particle physics. A third condition, unique to QTP, requires that particles can exist only at energy levels `allowed’ by the doubling process of decay from the Planck scale. This defines the set of possible particles and forces which QTPP has demonstrated correspond to the observed values, and allows detailed study of their structure and properties not possible within classical particle physics. As shown, QTP involves 3-d spatial particles embedded within 3-d time. Galaxies are then connected to time by a relative near light speed…

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