Topic026: The Path To Cosmology Via Higher Redshift, Bill Tifft, 9/16/16

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Topic026: The Path To Cosmology Via Higher Redshift, Bill Tifft, 9/16/16

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The study of local redshifts revealed striking properties of the redshift, galaxies, energy, matter, gravity, space and time which cry out to be assembled into a new cosmology. Using the findings it was time to expand our tiny local domain to higher redshift to build a new consistent global cosmology. I will begin by stating basic premises developed from actual findings upon which QTC cosmology has developed. Findings are referenced by section number in my book [add ref] or within this blog where they may be reviewed, but not rediscussed herein. (For book information or acquisition see Post001 and Post002.) Book section 5.1.1 gives some finer references to early studies relating to gravitation and quantization. A later summary in theā€¦

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