Topic030: Universal Aging II, How Period Doubling Proceeds, Bill Tifft, 11/24/16

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Topic030: Universal Aging II, How Period Doubling Proceeds, Bill Tifft,

topic_030_s3f38_s3f40 Book figures 3.38 and 3.40

topic_030_s3f32_s2f29 Book figures 3.32 and 2.29

The previous topic began a discussion of the role of period doubling, and demonstrated end products (observed redshift distributions) seen within sets of data. How such a process actually appears to proceed from the ‘spatial’ viewpoint is discussed and illustrated in this topic. The process relates to many observed effects already discussed, the nuclear dipole, radial outflow, dark matter, redshift variability, activity, vertical sequences, double and discordant redshifts, temporal commonality within a range of planes of time, and a few new findings consistent with the process. They serve to illustrate observable aspects of the process. Since the discussion is new some aspects should be considered as new premises of QTC, and comments are welcome. Two viewpoints of the process are involved, temporal and spatial. From the temporal view redshifts…

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