Topic033: Universal Aging V, Vertical Sequences II, Bill Tifft, 1/05/17

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Topic033: Universal Aging V, Vertical Sequences II, Bill Tifft, 1/05/17

topic_032_iv_a1f9ab_10 Book figures Appendix 1, figures 9 and 10

topic_032_iv_a1f5_a_b Book figure Appendix 1, figure 5

This topic uses correlations of the breadth (dispersion) of spectral lines with properties of E galaxies to examine effects of reinforcing (R) or opposed (O) offsets due to orientation of the nuclear quantum dipole. The previous topic examined the effects on rotation measures. Observed dispersions includes normal velocity dispersion, bulk motion effects of expansion and rotation variation along the line of sight, and the intrinsic dipole orientation effect. Dispersion in early type galaxies is rarely less than 100 km/s and closely related to their luminosity. Using absolute magnitudes derived from the standard Hubble flow (with some local classical dynamical distortions which I will note later) differential distances of sources is of no concern. The galaxy eccentricity (symbol Greek epsilon) is closely equivalent to morphology, even within…

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