Find a Chicken, Pick it Up, Then All Day You’ll Have Good Luck…

Taking Up Space

Emily Carney Supports Taking Up Space

We are so grateful to spaceflight enthusiast, Emily Carney! Emily is graciously donating the above photograph, signed, to all who contribute (see How to Help below) to our program Taking Up Space – sending Native American girls to Space Camp.

How to Help

Step 1: Donate $10 here: 👉 sure the box ‘Share my name and email with this charity’ is checked.)

Step 2: After you’ve donated send an email to: with your name, address, and any personalization you would like on the photograph

Step 3: Wait for your photo to arrive

Who is Emily and why is she chasing fowl?

Emily Carney is an author hailing from Saint Petersburg, Florida. Her first vivid space memory was seeing Columbia launch in late 1981 (STS-2). Even though she was very young (three years old) and the launch was 140 miles away from…

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