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Frequently Asked Questions

When was SASTPC/TiC founded?  The group was founded in 1996 as the Joint Center for the Study of Time (JCST) by William Tifft, Anthony P. Pitucco, Carl L. DeVito, William J. Cocke, and Stewart Barr.  TiC was established as a non profit in 2014.

What is Time in Cosmology (TiC)?  Our mission is to foster research and development in the study of time in physics and cosmology. We would like the Association to be on the forefront of cultivating alternative cosmologies. TiC would also like to nurture scientists to venture and explore different possibilities and avenues other than the Standard Model.

What is Space Camp Girls Pascua Yaqui Scholarship Program?   Selected scholarship winners are receiving full tuition to attend Space Camp in Huntsville, AL., once a year for three years.  In addition, we will be adding another group of girls the following year, and the next year. The Program will run for a total of 5 years.

What is the Speaker Series?   In order to spark public interest in science, cosmology, philosophy, and related areas we have created our Free Speaker Series in collaboration with The University of Arizona Philosophy Department. The Speaker Series is a forum where scientist can engage both the professional and the public communities.

How does TiC impact the community?   TiC is adding to the Tucson community by collaborating with different groups and fields of study in order to encourage a broader appeal of scientific ideas.  We are also actively pursuing new outreach projects and high quality speakers that will promote science in Tucson.

How do I join?   We don’t have membership or dues. Please follow us on social media, or sign up to our mailing list to receive updates, information about events, and press releases.  Board members are invited and nominated into the board.

Can I receive a Tax credit by donating to TiC?    Yes.  In 2014 TiC was officially recognized as a 501(3)c non-profit. Any donation can be used as a tax credit.