A spectroscopic survey of case emission-line galaxies in the direction of the Bootes void


Redshifts are reported for 44 objects in the list of emission-line objects published by Sanduleak and Pesch in 1982. Two or these are found to be high-redshift quasars, three are galactic stars, three are galaxies with absorption lines only, five are unidentified objects with no emission lines, and the remaining 31 are emission-line galaxies. A wide variety of emission lines strengths is found for each of the Sanduleak and Pesch emission classes except the strongest. The estimated redshifts for galaxies given by Sanduleak and Pesch correlate well with the measured redshifts. The distribution of the emission line galaxies is not homogeneous and is similar to that of galaxies from the CfA survey in the overlapping region. Seven of the galaxies are found near the boundaries of the large Bootes void, and two lie within the void boundaries drawn by Kirshner and colleagues in 1983. The question of whether the void could be populated with low-luminosity galaxies remains unanswered.

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