Double galaxies as indicators of large scale structure


Northern-hemisphere double galaxies are shown to contain large-scale clumping in the form of clouds associated into four or five major large-scale filamentary structures. The filaments are on the order of 10 Mpc thick and 100 Mpc long. Position angles of the doubles are aligned regionally, and the alignment varies in a regular manner within the large-scale structure. Clusters within the structures appear to have elongations which fit the orientation pattern defined by doubles. Sections of the structures, where the viewing angle is largely transverse, show an asymmetry where the brighter, more nucleated component is preferentially on one side followed by a reversal and a section with opposite orientation. In structures seen nearly radially a regular pattern of orientation change of 180 deg appears to occur every 3000 km/s in redshift. Both clockwise and counterclockwise rotation are present, but otherwise the pattern of change appears identical.

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