Evidence for quantized and variable redshifts in the cosmic background rest frame.


Evidence is presented for redshift quantization and variability as detected in global studies done in the rest frame of the cosmic background radiation. Quantization is strong and consistent with predictions derived from concepts associated with multidimensional time. Nine families of periods are possible but not equally likely. The most basic family contains previously known periods of 73 and 36 km s-1 and shorter harmonics at 18.3 and 9.15 km s-1. Several approaches to evaluating the significance of quantization are employed and the dependence on redshift, the width and shape of 21 cm profiles and morphology is discussed. Common properties between samples define several basic classes of galaxies. Quantization is consistently optimized for a transformation vertex very close to the vertex of the cosmic background dipole. Relationships between cosmocentric and galactocentric rest frames are discussed.

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