Global Redshift Periodicities: Association with the Cosmic Background Radiation


We investigate periodicities in redshift samples corrected for the apparent motion of the solar system relative to the cosmic background radiation. The samples used for the initial study of CBR-related periodicities are composed of data on galaxies with 21 cm profiles of intermediate width taken by Tifft and Tifft and Cocke at the 300-ft telescope at Green Bank. Referred to a coordinate system at rest with respect to the CBR, these data are found to be periodic near the 72 km s-1 period previously associated with redshift quantization. Spectral power methods are used to evaluate the high significance levels found for the association. The significance is verified by searching for periodicities in a large volume of velocity space. The search shows that random occurrences at the specified period occur at a level consistent with the fact that the coincidence with the CBR rest frame is very improbable. It is further shown that a phase shift occurs in the periodicity near 21 cm profile widths of 250 km s-1. Other data confirm the correspondence with the CBR rest frame and the effects of dependence on profile width; namely, 21 cm data by Fisher and Tully and data by Giovanelli and Haynes for the Perseus supercluster. The Fisher-Tully data for moderate to large profile widths confirm the presence of significant periodicities close to 72 km s-1 both below and above profile widths near 250 km s-1 where the phase shift occurs. The Giovanelli and Haynes data extend the analysis to galaxies with very wide 21 cm profiles and confirm the presence of a previously known period near one half of 72 km s-1 as well as the CBR association.

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