Global redshift quantization


The Fisher-Tully (1981) survey of 21-cm late-type galaxy redshifts exhibits sharp periodicities at exact, 1/3- and 1/2-multiples of 72.45 km/sec; this allows the precise determination of the solar motion of (theta, pi, z) = (231 + or – 2, -35 + or – 3, and 1 + or – 2) km/sec, respectively, to be derived. The 1/3-periodicity, of 24.1 km/sec, pertains to galaxies with narrow 21-cm profiles, while the 1/2-resonance, at 36.2 km/sec, applies to those with wide profiles. The two data sets are noted to independently yield the same solar motion velocity components. The overall statistical confidence level associated with these results is very high.

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