Properties of the redshift. III – Temporal variation


Comparisons between new 21 cm redshifts and older data, especially older 300 foot telescope data, are used to demonstrate the presence of systematic deviations, toward higher redshifts, in all the older data. The deviations frequently contain several components inconsistent with simple random spread. A linear velocity approximation, present in some reduction software, is discussed and shown not to be a factor in the deviations. The deviations are shown to relate to global quantization. Displacements correlate with global redshift phase and are interpreted as real time-dependent changes in redshift. Global quantization is rediscussed, taking time variability into account. Slight adjustments in period and solar motion are shown to produce strong time-dependent correlations for all types of galaxies. In particular, galaxies of intermediate profile width, previously not demonstratively globally quantized, now show strong periodicities. Both 21 cm profile width and shape are important parameters in the correlations.

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