The Arizona-New Mexico Spectroscopic Survey of Galaxies. III. On Galaxy Populations


We examine the population statistics for two samples of galaxies in the direction of the Perseus supercluster. One sample, with N=258 galaxies having MB<=-19.52+5log(h) and vh<=8000 km s-1, is complete for those galaxies within the boundaries of our survey region that have apparent magnitudes mp<=15.0 in the Zwicky catalog. A more restrictive sample with N=177 galaxies having MB<=-20.00+5log(h) (with the same redshift range) is complete in both luminosity and volume. We derive the statistics for the relative incidence of galaxies in the following spectroscopic classes: (1) absorption line only, (2) collisionally-excited emission lines only, (3) nuclear H II region, (4) starburst, (5) LINER, and (6) Seyfert 1.8-2.

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