The Perseus supercluster


Results are presented of a redshift survey of galaxies with photographic magnitudes less than or equal to 14.0 located between 0 h 15 min and 3 h 20 min RA and 26 and 45 deg dec, the region identified with the Perseus supercluster. New redshifts are reported for 116 galaxies, and are combined with literature data to obtain values for a total of 141 galaxies in the region. Morphological classifications, diameters, position angles and ellipticities are also presented for all 141 galaxies. The 116 galaxies in the sample with radial velocities between 3700 and 9000 km/sec are found to form a supercluster with a filamentary structure including the Perseus, A347, A262, NGC 383 and NGC 507 clusters and with a mean velocity of 5327 km/sec. It is estimated that superclusters occupy approximately 1% of the universe, with a mean free path between superclusters of 285/h Mpc. Results support the view that cluster- and supercluster-mass clouds fragment before galaxies and communicate anisotropic matter and velocity distributions to galaxies. The results are also noted to be consistent with intrinsic galactic redshifts and band structure.

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