The Redshift

  • Precision surveys
  • Intrinsic correlations
  • Differential and global quantization
  • Excess and discordant redshifts
  • Geometric correlations
  • Radial dependence in galaxies and systems of galaxies
  • Density dependence in systems

Critical Properties of Galaxies

  • Boundary and nuclear properties
  • Component relationships
  • Quantization of substructure
  • Processes related to acceleration mechanisms, neutrino processes, or high energy
  • Fundamental scale calibrations
  • Precision photometry and morphology
  • Radial, boundary, and substructure properties in systems of galaxies
  • Supercluster / void geometry and substructure
  • Quasar properties
  • Properties at high redshift
  • Distance dependence of properties

Approaches to Observational Cosmology

  • CBR properties
  • Tests of gravitation models, tests of quantization models
  • Tests of multi-dimensional time models
  • Tests of time-matter evolutionary models
  • Critical objective tests of conventional models

Gravitation and Time in Relativity

  • Extensions of both Special Relativity and General Relativity relating to aspects of time
  • Gravitation in connection with time and cosmology
  • Quantum gravity
  • Large scale structure of space-time
  • Review of standard models and introduction of innovative alternatives

Particle Physics

  • Evaluation of the Standard Model
  • Applications related to the large scale and cosmology
  • Concepts from string theory
  • Uncertainties in the fundamental structure of space and time
  • Unification

Mathematical Models and Statistical Methods

  • Multi-dimensional time
  • Time asymmetry
  • Non-linear models of time
  • Geometrical properties of time
  • Alternative models of time related to physics and cosmology
  • Statistical methods for evaluation of findings

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