Sponsors are individuals, institutions or businesses which make financial or material contributions to Time in Cosmology(TiC). TiC is funded solely by contributions and grants.  TiC is recognized by the IRS as a non-profit tax exempt organization and all contributions are tax deductible.

Contributions and grants are made to support TiC related areas:

  • TiC General Operations
  • TiC Speaker Series
  • TiC Educational Outreach – Taking Up Space
  • TiC Endowment

Contributions can be made online using: PayPal, or can be made payable and mailed to Time in Cosmology, 902 N Columbus Blvd., Tucson, Arizona, 85711.
Sponsors will be acknowledged by name and category annually on the Time in Cosmology web site (unless anonymity is requested). Contributors will be recognized in six categories:

  • Cosmic Sponsor – $10,000 and above
  • Super Nova Sponsor – $5,000 to $9,999
  • Quasar Sponsor – $1000.00 to $4999.00
  • Galaxy Sponsor – $500.00 to $999.00
  • Nebula Sponsor – $100.00 to $499.00
  • Stellar Sponsor – Under $100

To view a list of sponsors, please visit our Sponsors page.

Sponsorship Information

TiC actively seeks grants and sponsors to support and extend the scope of its activities. If you would like further information regarding TiC policies relating to sponsors or the use of funds please contact us by e-mail at sastpc@gmail.com, or you may donate directly online via: PayPal


Granters are individuals, institutions, or businesses which make grants available to TiC in response to grant proposals generated by TiC.

2019 Acknowledged Sponsors

Super Nova Sponsor – $5,000 to $9,999

Quasar Sponsor – $1000.00 to $4999.00

Pascua Yaqui Tribe

Tucson Federal Credit Union

Space Hipsters

Leslie Bean

Astronaut Robert “Hoot” Gibson

Galaxy Sponsor – $500.00 to $999.00

Mark Pestana

Maria Salido

Nebula Sponsor – $100.00 to $499.00

Ronald Garrett

Tanya Lachowicz

Gerard Haas

Stellar Sponsor – Under $100

Lisa Posard

Kate Avalos

Sissie Davis

Shalene Baxter

Bruce Bayly

Dolly Spalding

Susan Carol-Baxter

Burke Burnett

Joseph Cortez

Trudy Sheets

Michelle Lucas

Ben Martinek

Aldo Spadoni

Lanie James

Rosalie McGure

Tom McCool

Astronaut Nicole Passonno Stott

Martin Lollar

Danny Jaques

Vince Genna

Maddie Reardon

Al Hallonquist

Midge Lewis

Robert Bauer

Marie Lott

Robert Scott

Ben Martinek



Acknowledged Support

Bruce Bayly

Dolly Spalding

University of Arizona Philosophy Department

University of Arizona Math Department

Michael Gill

Geoffrey Notkin

Simon Kregar

Tucson-Chapter of the International Association of Astronomical Artists

Brushfire BBQ Co.

Kyle Rine

Richard Healey

Stuart Hameroff

Kip Perkins

Doug DiScenza