Einstein’s greatest legacy – How demons and angels advanced science

Einstein’s greatest legacy is not General Relativity, it’s not quantum entanglement, and it’s not slices of his brain either.

(Credit: Abstruse Goose, Missed Calling, S. Hossenfelder)
(Credit: Abstruse Goose, Missed Calling, S. Hossenfelder)

“Einstein, like no other physicist before or after him, demonstrated how the power of human thought alone, used skillfully, can make up for the lack of real experiments. He showed we little humans have the power to deduce equations that govern the natural world by logical conclusion. Thought experiments are common in theoretical physics today. Physicists use them to examine the consequences of a theory beyond that what is measurable with existing technology, but still within the realm of that what is in principle measurable. A thought experiments pushes a theory to its limit and thereby can reveal inconsistencies or novel effects. The rules of the game are that a) relevant is only that what is measurable and b) do not fool yourself. This isn’t as easy as it sounds.” (Credit: Hossenfelder)

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